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Scholarship and Competition Results

piano studio


We encourage parents of school age students to attend every lesson. We want to form a partnership with parents and students alike and recognise that parents have an essential role to play in the musical learning process. Parents can assist by ensuring that regular practise is performed and with their encouragement and enthusiasm the next goal is more readily achievable.


All students are encouraged to sight-read regularly. This important discipline is incorporated into their practise plans. Although it might sound odd - the more you practise sight-reading the better you become at reading and playing a piece of music for the first time. This has added benefits in being able to perform your practise pieces more quickly and with greater accuracy.


As well as their practical studies all students are encouraged to study music theory. This improves a student’s understanding and proficiency in music notation. Theory and piano lessons also improve student’s capabilities in other subjects (particularly mathematics) providing them with valuable co-ordination and reasoning skills.

Aural Training

Perhaps the greatest improvement to any pianist’s performances can be obtained by aural training. The ability to hear and interpret sound musically is a wonderful gift that produces almost instant results in performance. Aural training is encouraged and regular group lessons are arranged which most students enjoy.